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Welcome, folks! Don’t tell our Moms you’ve been here coz we’ll get grounded if you do. We haven’t been doing our homework lately. (Didn’t we just hear you say aha!) But that’s only because we’ve been busy with this website. In case you didn’t notice, we’re putting here all the movies and television shows we’ll be making when we’re older.

Now if we only had our own channel, you’d be watching our movies, no doubt. In our beloved city of Buffalo, New York, watching free TV is THE favorite pastime. Forget the Simpsons, what we’re making here is even better than Bart and Homer. What we’re making here is something a little more adventurous – movies about the wonderful blue stone gem they call the Paraiba tourmaline, and a movie about premium financing. Just read through the plot and feel the excitement going through your spine.

We have more movies in our pipeline that we know you’ll enjoy. They’re all up here in our imagination right now, but we’ve put some of our ideas in here. Just browse through the categories and see how far we’ve come.

We are Danny and Fred Wilson and we’re going to be successful producers of many entertaining films, shows and movies that are not your usual movies. Where can you find a movie about a precious and rare Paraiba tourmaline rather than a diamonds are forever type of B film? And have you ever heard about an upcoming movie about the adventures of an insurance salesman and his grumpy old uncle who ran away from home for the elderly? Nowhere on the Internet except here on this website.

So, take your time and read through our titles’ plot summary. It’s not much for now coz we’re doing all website work after our classes. But you can be sure that in the future you will see more – more plots and maybe even clips of our movies.

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Wicked Wicked Gemstone Games

The Blue Stone
Envy engulfs Edward, a romance becomes hot and heavy, and Brooke takes comfort in a dangerous substance not knowing he lacks coverage in his life insurance policy.
Three Paraiba Gemstone Dealers, One Gun. Deception turns dangerous as Julia makes a stand.
Grumpy Old Windows
A Renovator’s Nightmare. Workers of Renovating LA, a Los Angeles-based replacment windows guy, work dangerously on three casement windows inside the room of a Los Angeles home for the elderly. An exorcist has been called to help out.

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This site is run by Danny and Fred Wilson future producers of many entertaining films, shows and movies.

This is a model site describing what we would display in our local city TV, if we had access to our own channel.

This site is an imaginary tv entertainment station fictionally existing in our city of Buffalo, NY.

Browse through our imaginary tv shows, movies and films and give us the confident that will insure our success.


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